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Reformed Study Sources

Bible Online:

Reformed Confessions and Catechisms:
Westminster Confession of Faith

Heidelberg Catechism

Belgic Confession of Faith

Synod of Dort

Heidelblog – Dr. R. Scott Clark, Professor of Church History and Systematic Theology at Westminster Seminary in California

Old Life – D.G. Hart

Riddleblog – Kim Riddlebarger, Co-host of the White Horse Inn
Includes resources on Amillenialism and great lectures through the Friday night Academy

Reformed Resources:
White Horse Inn – free mp3 downloads of a weekly conversation regarding things theological. Hosted by Michael Horton, Kim Riddlebarger, Ken Jones and Rod Rosenbladt

Modern Reformation magazine – Books, sermons, articles and information

Resources on Old Testament scholar and theologian Meredith Kline

Audio Reformed Confessions:
Heidelberg, Belgic, and Dort
Westminster Confession of Faith
Westminster Larger Catechism
Westminster Shorter Catechism

Reformed Journals
The Confessional Presbyterian

Other Resources

World Magazine (News)
Ransom Fellowship (Cultural Engagement)
Paul Tripp Ministries (Counseling)
Third Millennium Ministries (Biblical Education)
Discerning Reader (Christian Book Reviews)
The Gospel Coalition
Living Waters Evangelism Ministry

Colleges & Seminaries

Reformed University Fellowship (Denominational University Ministry)
Covenant Seminary
Covenant College

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